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How Did You Hear about the Network?

When you next renew your NCWN membership—or whenever you freeloaders who enjoy all this free content eventually cough up a membership fee (ha!)—you’ll notice a new addition to the registration form.

We’ve now included the question, “How did you hear about us?”

First thing’s first: even though this question will appear on your renewal form, it will be recorded as anonymous, so we won’t be able to match responses with our members.

What we will be able to do, however, is see where folks are first being introduced to the North Carolina Writers’ Network.

Sure, we have some ideas: folks hear about us through a local event with their regional rep; or through conference coverage in the media; or through promotions for one of our online classes. But as the calendar turned to 2018, we got to thinking: how else are people hearing about us?

Because the inverse is just as important: where are people not hearing about us?

Our mission statement says clearly that we’re supposed to serve all writers. That means everyone. And the more data we have about where writers find us, or don’t, the better we can serve the literary community of North Carolina.

Thanks in advance for your support.