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Before You Sign that Next Book Contract….

Got a new book contract you want someone to look over before you sign? Have a copyright question? Or maybe you’re wondering about public domain, because you’d like to use Stevie Wonder lyrics in your new novel?

Mitch Tuchman, an attorney with Morningstar Law Group, “helps copyright and trademark owners optimize the value of their intellectual property and defend their intellectual property rights.”

He’s taught at several NCWN conferences, and we often recommend him to writers who come to us with legal questions.

He focuses on three key areas:

    • Dispute Resolution
      • Including copyright ownership and infringement
    • Copyright Opinions
      • Including audio, radio, artistic works, architecture, and more
    • Negotiations/Transactions
      • Including publishing and subsidary rights agreements, servies, licenses, and more

Basically, Mitch gets paid to think about all the things that you, as a writer, don’t really want to think too much about. All that legalese, all that “who owns what and who gets paid when,” Mitch has you covered. That way, you’re free to concentrate on the fun part: creating.

Based in Durham, and recently recognized by Best Lawyers 2018, Mitch has launched a new website: