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Moore County: A Brief Statement

A statement from the North Carolina Writers’ Network

Like everyone across the country—everyone with a shred of decency, at least—the staff and board of the North Carolina Writers’ Network are horrified that an apparently intentional act of destruction has cut electric power to thousands in Moore County.

Moore County, of course, is home to the Weymouth Center and the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame in Southern Pines, and so we have many close friends and fond memories there.

Our friends, though, like Weymouth and the NCLHOF, are able to withstand or adapt to this emergency. Our thoughts are more with the many for whom this is a life-threatening crisis. For their sake, we hope the damage is repaired and the power restored as soon as possible.

We will say more when we know more. In the meantime, we urge all Network members to get their news from on-the-ground sources like The Pilot or the News & Observer and to avoid perpetuating misinformation.