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Creativity Is Waiting on You: Connect to Your Muse

By Holly Hughes

Remember how excited you felt when the rush of a new idea came to you? Or the feeling of victory when you figured out a plot point or character arc? Did you call and tell your critique partner all about it? Then you got busy with the work of writing and maybe, just maybe, the idea fizzled and the excitement went away.

Where did your muse go?

As an author, intuitive healer, and pubic speaker, I know the muse hasn’t gone anywhere, you just disconnected from it. But I have exciting news: your muse is calling. She reached out to me, told me you can’t hear her, and she wants you to.

The world is waiting for your story.

I know being a creative person comes with challenges like doubt, rejections, and negative feedback, but don’t let those opponents hold you back.

CALLING YOUR MUSE is a program designed for artistic individuals to help them move through the blocks preventing them from finishing the manuscript or blank page before them. Let’s move past the blank page together.

I’ll tap into my guides and yours to literally help you connect to your personal muse. There will be guided meditations designed to help open you to receive and connect to your personal imagination, along with prompts to assist.

CALLING YOUR MUSE is a 5-week course beginning Wednesday, October 16, at 7:00 pm.

Members of the North Carolina Writers’ Network get a 10 percent discount on the five sessions.  Just mention this post!

The class happens online or through the phone, accessible from anywhere.

Full details:

During the weekly calls, I’ll lead us through a guided meditation designed to open up our creative selves. For those who know about chakras—we’ll be opening our third eye, where creativity lives, and our crown chakra so we can connect to our highest self and our muse.

After the mediation, there will be writing exercises and prompts designed to get our creative juices and thoughts flowing.

This five-week course will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm Eastern time. The call will be recorded on Zoom, and you will have access to each recorded call until one week after the program concludes.

Join me Wednesday, October 16, at 7:00 pm EST, and I’ll guide you past proscrastination, judgements, and fears so you can start, continue, and finish that manuscript, essay, canvas, sculpture, or doodle you’ve been avoiding. The world needs your story, finish it!

A little more about me:

I’m an author, public speaker, and intuitive healer in Charlotte. I’m represented by Carlie Webber of Fuse Literary and have two manuscripts out on submission. I co-lead Ghosts, Haunts, and Haints: A Paranormal Generative Writing Retreat with New York Times bestselling author Nova Ren Suma in June of 2019. Barnes and Noble named my essays in Best of March 2018. My work appears in numerous print and online publications. One essay even went viral. I’m a featured speaker on Soul in the Raw and Practically Fertile podcasts, as well as being on stage at SHiFT Charlotte. You can find a full list of my writing credits and credentials on my website: