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NC Arts Council Needs Your Input

Wilton Barnhardt invites you to take the survey! © Sylvia Freeman
Wilton Barnhardt invites you to take the survey!
© Sylvia Freeman

North Carolina is an “affordable, livable, artist-friendly state,” thanks in no small part to a plan laid out more than forty years ago by the North Carolina Arts Council:

After decades of vigorous work, experimentation, and refinement, our state’s arts infrastructure reaches into all 100 counties through one of the most highly developed and effective networks of local arts councils in our nation.

Now, the NCAC is looking ahead. They’re asking North Carolina artists to complete an online survey to give feedback about the recently released “draft plan for the arts.

It’s a lot to read, so if you’re crushed for time, artists are specifically addressed in the first goal, “Invest in North Carolina’s Arts and Culture.”

To complete the survey, click here.

It’s worthwhile to read the entire draft, though.

For example, did you know the A+ Schools program, which “uses the arts to teach across the entire curriculum,” has now spread to three other states and “regularly receives national attention from enthusiastic business leaders and educators who testify about its proven ability to enhance creativity in our students”?

Or that North Carolina is home to the greatest number of Native Americans “east of the Mississippi”? It’s no secret that cultural diversity is an asset to the arts, which in turn are an asset to the economy, and help make North Carolina a great place to live.

Good thing it’s almost the weekend. Plenty of time to read the draft and reply to the survey!