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NCWN at AWP in KC, OK?

By far the best thing about my one other AWP was seeing writer friends, both from here in the Writingest State & all across the land.

So if you plan to be at the 2024 AWP next week in Kansas City, please let us know. The Network won’t have a booth but we’ll have staff & trustees at others’ booths, as well as sharing their Writingestness on a variety of panels:

NCWN Trustee Jessica Jacobs will be at the Yetzirah booth (#T945) and on the panel “The Epigenics of Joy: Writing Judaism Beyond Trauma,” Thursday, February 8, 9 am, Room 2208.

NCWN Executive Director Ed Southern will moderate the panel “Writing in Written-Off States: Literary Nonprofits on Advocacy and Outreach,” Thursday, February 8, 12:10 pm, Room 3501AB.

NCWN Trustee Jeremy B. Jones will be on the panel “The Art of Building and Sustaining Writing Communities,” Saturday, February 10, 12:10 pm, Room 2215B.

NCWN Communications Director Kelly March will be at the EastOver Press booth (#1508).

In addition, Spring Conference 2024 faculty including Tyree Daye, Mimi Herman, and Hananah Zaheer will be there as panelists, exhibitors, or registrants.

If you’re going to be there, too, come see us. We’ll talk writing and make fun of their pitiful excuse for barbecue.