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New Book from SLR Editor Features Writers on Writing

The Southern Literary Review celebrates Southern authors and their contributions to American literature through book reviews, feature interviews, and more.

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We’re grateful to SLR for having featured NCWN members such Moira Crone (The Ice Garden); NCWN communications director Charles “LC” Fiore (Green Gospel, The Last Great American Magic); Lee Zacharias (Across the Great Lake); and many more, as well as being faithful champions of the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame and NCWN programs in general.

Among the websites you visit weekly, Southern Literary Review should be on your regular route.

Allen Mendenhall became editor of Southern Literary Review in 2011. Mendenhall is out with a new book, Writers on Writing: Conversations with Allen Mendenhall (Red Dirt Press).

Kirkus Reviews called it “A fruitful discussion of authorship.”

This collection will familiarize readers with the approaches, techniques, and concerns of a diverse set of authors in a broad range of genres. Mendenhall’s interviewees include crime-fiction writer D.J. Donaldson, historical-romance novelist F. Diane Pickett, and (twice) poet and essayist Julia Nunnally Duncan, among many others. The Q-and-A’s touch on a spectrum of issues and offer rich and varied discussion as well as powerful sound bites. 

Allen Mendenhall is associate dean and executive director of the Blackstone & Burke Center for Law & Liberty at Faulkner University Thomas Goode Jones School of Law.

Writers on Writing takes us on a delightful stroll through recent Southern literature, with Allen Mendenhall as our expert guide.” says Gilbert Allen, Professor Emeritus, Furman University, Department of English. “A polymath who wears his learning well, Mendenhall poses questions both inviting and incisive. He encourages authors to take him–and therrefore, us–into their confidence, providing valuable insights into dozens of books and sensibilities that brought them into being.”

Several interviews from Southern Literary Review appear in this anthology, Writers on Writing.

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