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New Call to Action for Members

From our friends at ARTS North Carolina:

The 2013-2015 North Carolina biennium budget has entered the “conference” phase. There are profound differences between the House and the Senate regarding grants recommendations for the North Carolina Arts Council.

Over the two year budget cycle the difference is a loss of $1,280,000 (Senate) or a loss of $96,000 (House).


House Budget

NCAC Grants – $48,000 in reductions for both years of the biennium budget

Senate Budget

NCAC Grants – $500,000 reduction first year/ $780,000 reduction second year of biennium

Separate email messages must be sent to the following Senate and House Appropriation Budget Chairs.
(Copy your own Senator and Representative if different)


    House Budget Chairs:
    Representative Nelson Dollar –
    Representative Justin P. Burr –
    Representative Bryan R. Holloway –
    Representative Linda Johnson –
    Speaker Thom Tillis –

    House Email Subject Line: Thank you and Stand Strong

    House Message:
    Please accept my appreciation for your fair and reasonable budget recommendation for the grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council. As word spread throughout the state about the final House budget, we celebrated that our House Members understand the importance of state money in all 100 counties.

    We respectfully request that you stand strong in the House recommendation of $48,000 in reductions for the grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council for both years of the Biennium. You have our vote and our thanks for your understanding of the importance of the arts industry to North Carolina’s future.


    Name and Address


    Senate Budget Chairs:
    Senator Pete Brunstetter –
    Senator Neal Hunt –
    Senator Harry Brown –
    President Pro Tempore Phil Berger –

    Senate Email Subject Line: Restore North Carolina Arts Council Funding

    I stand with citizens across North Carolina and ask that you accept the House recommendation of $96,000 in North Carolina Arts Council grant reductions as opposed to the $1,228,000 recommended in the Senate’s Biennium budget.

    Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker has named arts and culture as one of the five pillars of the Department of Commerce strategic plan. Further cuts would severely impair the very programs that are contributing to our economic recovery.

    The programs funded by NCAC grants spur economic development in both rural and urban communities, leverage an additional $16 in private sector funds for every $1 in state funds, and provide 9,000,000 arts experiences to citizens in all 100 counties. We understand the difficult work you must do, but we respectfully request that you reconsider the debilitating cuts the Senate recommends for the North Carolina Arts Council.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Name and Address

    Forward. Post. Tweet.

    (website link for this Call –

    Please note that a separate Call to Action campaign is underway requesting organizations to write hard copy letters. You can also deliver your message by letter and can find mailing and email addresses for all Legislators at: