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New Podcast Gets All Up In Your Ears

Audio is a natural extension for the written word. It seems like short prose and poetry especially thrive on the airwaves.

Now a new podcast, featuring a couple of NC poets, not only celebrates the joys of hearing poetry out loud, but also gets down and dirty between  stanzas to see what is, and what isn’t, working about this poem or that, all while showcasing some of the best and brightest poets working today.

All Up In Your Ears features Warren Wilson faculty member Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Durham resident (and 2014 NCWN Spring Conference faculty member) Jonathan Farmer, and Kaveh Akbar and francine j. harris. Each episode features this quartet “discussing, extolling, deviating from, and disagreeing about recent poems.”

Each month, two cast members select new poems and then the gang digs in together, hoping, in the process, to “learn something about the ways that poems can matter—about what is found there and what, sometimes, for some of (them), is not.” Each episode also features an interview with a poet.

Listeners can subscribe FOR FREE through iTunes or Soundcloud.

The inaugural episode dissected poems by Erika Sanchez and Solmaz Sharif and featured Aziza Barnes.

All Up In Your Ears offers an enticing blend of unfairly smart people offering insanely smart insights into truly amazing poems, but with enough levity and humor to make you feel like you’re just kicking back in someone’s living room, listening to one of the best conversations you’ll hear this month—at least until the next episode drops.

Plus, here at the Network, we applaud any new platform that throws a spotlight on poets. This podcast is very much recommended.

Click here to visit the website and see full cast bios; click here to visit the Facebook page and get involved with the community.