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North Carolina Bookwatch this Friday

For 15 years, UNC-TV’s North Carolina Bookwatch has celebrated and supported our state’s writers.*

This Friday, it’s our turn to support them.

Tune in to UNC-TV this Friday, November 30, at 9:30 PM, to see host D. G. Martin* talk to Jill McCorkle* and Lee Smith* about their upcoming novels.

Then call 1-800-984-9090 to make your donation to UNC-TV in support of Bookwatch, and you’ll have a chance to win one of the first copies when those novels (McCorkle’s Life After Life and Smith’s Guests on Earth) come out.

North Carolina Bookwatch is a vital part of our literary community and culture, an institution that few other states can match.

And let’s face it: either you’ve been on Bookwatch, or you dream of being on Bookwatch.  Come on, you’re among friends: you’ve pictured yourself sitting across that desk from D.G., haven’t you?

So help make sure that you and all the writers in the Writingest State will have your chance to be on North Carolina Bookwatch.  Please tune in this Friday at 9:30, and please call 1-800-984-9090 to make your donation.


* Most recently as the sponsor of Saturday’s events at the 2012 NCWN Fall Conference.

* Who led a workshop at the 2012 NCWN Fall Conference.

* Who led the Master Class in Fiction at the 2012 NCWN Fall Conference.

* Who participated in the 2012 Induction Ceremony for the NC Literary Hall of Fame, and was inducted herself in 2008.