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Celebrate #NationalWritingDay on Wednesday

Wednesdsay, June 23, is National Writing Day, hosted by First Story. This year, they’re challenging writers to #FilltheBox with a piece of creative writing – a poem, a letter, a story – using the theme of connection:

Whether it’s in 280 Twitter characters or on a post-it sized piece of paper, there’s a space to write for everyone. An average post-it note is around three inches tall and wide. If you’re drawing your own box, try imagining the length of three bottle caps!

Their website offers resources for parents; resources for teachers; guides and templates for writers of all ages; prompts for the creatively muddled; and YouTube tutorials offering advice on how to take the #FilltheBox challenge to the next level.

Participants are encouraged to share their creations online using #FilltheBox, #NationalWritingDay, and @FirstStory. Then, tag one person to add their story to yours!

You might use this excerise to get you warmed up before your “real” writing session; to launch yourself out of some creative doldrums; or to put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) for the first time in years. Whatever your motivation, have fun. And remember to share!

Click here for First Story’s webpage devoted to all things #NationalWritingDay. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter.