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Orison Books Launches Kickstarter Campaign

From our friends at Orison Books: 

Orison Books, an Asheville-based non-profit literary press, has launched a Kickstarter fundraiser for its list of 2020 titles, which includes The World I Leave You: Asian American Poets on Faith and Spirit, edited by Lee Herrick and Leah Silvieus; Arsenal with Praise Song, poems by Rodney Gómez; Side by Side but Never Face to Face, a novella and stories by Maggie Kast; Obscura, poems by Frank Paino; and A Sense of the Whole, stories by Siamak Vossoughi.

The fundraiser will run through January 27.

Orison Books is a volunteer-run non-profit publisher with a focus on books that engage the life of the spirit from a broad and inclusive range of perspectives.

You can find more information about Orison Books’ Kickstarter campaign at

**Editor’s Note: Luke Hankins, founder and editor of Orison Books, has taught many classes for the Network over the years, and Orison Books has exhibited at past Fall Conferences. Learn more:**