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You Made Yesterday Our Givingest Day

We have no words to describe your generous support of the Network on this year’s Giving Tuesday.

OK, that’s not true. We do have words, of course, but this morning, all of them seem either inadequate, or unnecessarily violent: We didn’t just meet our goal, we beat it . . . by a lot.

We had hoped for 75 Giving Tuesday donations. Instead, as of midnight last night, we had received 105. That’s almost double the number of gifts received on what had been our best day for donations.

We know we have more on the way, too. Many of you let us know that you’re putting a check in the mail. We’re grateful for every cent of support y’all have offered.

The Network still faces a challenging year, but what y’all did yesterday makes the rest of the year a lot less daunting. On behalf of the staff, board, and all the writers the Network seeks to serve, we thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ed Southern
Executive Director
North Carolina Writers’ Network