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Dammit, y’all.

Dammit, y’all, I was going to blog something grammar-nerdy this week, something about the social benefits of precise writing and care with language. I want so badly to write about […]

NCWN’s June Recommended Reading List

In recognition of Pride Month and Juneteenth, the North Carolina Writers’ Network takes time to commemorate these moments in history and share our latest recommended reading list of books by […]

Introducing Myself

I’ve been thinking a lot about change. Change as in a movement from one phase of your life into another; change as in what can happen in an instant; change […]

Yes, We Get the Irony

I’m not going to lie: As well as the Internet has served our far-flung Network, I sometimes think – or, more accurately, daydream – about taking us offline entirely. I […]