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Happy “Sweet Sixteen” to Pedestal Magazine!

The Pedestal Magazine, based in Charlotte, has just published Issue 79, which marks their 16th anniversary. From all of us here at the Network: happy birthday!

Founded by editor-in-chief and poet John Amen, The Pedestal Magazine is committed to showcasing both established and burgeoning writers, and to promoting artistic diversity and celebrating the voice of the individual. They publish poetry and reviews. And best of all, this online publication is totally free.

Check out their recently redesigned website here.

Issue 79 features speculative poetry, as well as reviews from Network members David E. Poston and Richard Allen Taylor. Also included is a list of “twenty stellar” musical albums released in 2016. What better way to celebrate the past year and look ahead by speculating poetically about the future?

Read Issue 79 in its entirety here.

The Pedestal Magazine has announced the theme of their June, 2017, issue:

For the June 2017 issue, Pedestal editors will be accepting poetry on the theme of war. We welcome work from both veterans and non-veterans, and would like to see a variety of responses literal, confessional, figurative, and metaphoric. Open for submissions May 1 – May 21 (2017). Payment: $40 per accepted poem.

For full submission guidelines, click here.

Happy “Sweet Sixteen” to The Pedestal Magazine. We won’t be able to throw you a massive party with hundreds of guests and a performance by Mariah Carey, as per some traditions (hopefully someone buys you a luxury vehicle, though), but we can wish you all the best for the next sixteen-plus years!