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The Future’s So Bright: Prospective Press

The second volume in the Draigon Weather series by Paige L. Christie (April, 2018)

The “upstart” publisher Prospective Press was founded in 2015 out of a passion for rich storytelling. They wanted to establish a small, genre press that treated its authors fairly and, because they didn’t aspire to churn out several dozen titles a year, always kept an eye on quality.

Based in the Triad, Prospective Press is an indie publisher that focuses on quality genre fiction and select nonfiction.

If you’ve been to a Network Conference in the past few years, you’ve likely seen Prospective Press in the exhibit hall. Jason T. Graves, the publisher and chief editor, led the online class “Whither Small Press?” for NCWN in January, and he’ll sit on the Slush Pile Live! panel at the upcoming NCWN 2018 Spring Conference.

It was after just such a Slush Pile Live! panel that author Paige L. Christie approached Jason and pitched him what would become her debut novel, Draigon Weather (2017). “Christie’s skillful evocation of a disintegrating landscape and the dysfunctional society grappling with that disaster is worth being patient for,” says Publisher’s Weekly, “as is Cleod’s gritty, desolate perseverance.”

Other authors include Chip Putnam, Meri Elena, Susan Surman, and the chef and T.V. personality Curtis Aikens. Prospective Press also published two “tales of the paranormal” anthologies, with additional anthologies in the pipeline focusing on paranormal, horror, and urban fantasy.

Prospective Press looks for full-length manuscripts between 65 and 100K words (adult fiction); 65 and 85K words (YA); 45-70K (MG); and no more than 40K for elementary-age children. Short fiction submitted to the upcoming anthologies should be between 2 and 15K words.

For more information, and to submit, click here.

Learn more about Prospective Press at their website,, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.