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Protect Donations to Nonprofits

I received this today from the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits:

“Next month, a Congressional Super Committee will recommend significant spending cuts and tax changes to reduce the federal deficit. Congress will vote on these proposals in December. Here what’s being proposed:

  • Cuts in funding for nonprofit service providers.
  • Other cuts that will create gaps in the social safety net that only nonprofits can fill.
  • While asking nonprofits that are already stretched beyond capacity to do even more with even less, Congress may eliminate or diminish the charitable giving incentive, making it harder for Americans to donate to nonprofits.”


North Carolina’s Senator Richard Burr is on the Senate finance committee that recently held hearings about these proposals.  Please take a few minutes to contact Senator Burr and tell him how important nonprofit organizations like the Network are to North Carolina and North Carolinians, and how damaging these proposals could be.