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Quail Ridge Books Offers Signed First Editions Club Membership

From friend-of-the-Network Bridgette Lacy and the booksellers at Quail Ridge Books, in Raleigh:

Quail Ridge Books & Music offers Signed First Editions Club gift subscriptions for adult literature, children’s picture books, and young adult literature. The subscriptions start in September.

The store’s award-winning booksellers have thoughtfully chosen these new, first-edition hardcovers for their exceptional, lasting literary quality. Each will be signed by the author, who may be someone well-known or a rising star.

The first selection for adult literature is Sweet Caress by award-winning British author William Boyd. He tells the complicated story of protagonist Amory Clay. Born in the early years of the century, she becomes our eyes on the events of the 20th century. Through photographs and Boyd’s vivid descriptions, we are captivated by Amory’s exceptional life.

The young adult literature pick is The Trouble in Me by Newbery Medal recipient Jack Gantos. The autobiographical novel focuses on a time in Jack’s life just a few years before the events that will land him in federal prison explored in his memoir, Hole in My Life.

The children’s picture book selection is Dewey Bob by author and illustrator Judy Schachner. She’s created another distinctive, iconic picture book character in Dewey Bob. A collector and adventurer, Dewey is looking for his place in the world. And along the way, he finds what he really needs is a friend.

The memberships start at three-months for $78 to $110 depending on the type of book and go as long as a year for up to $312 to $440. The price includes shipping. They are perfect for a gift for you or a family member or friend.

George Gibson, publishing director of Bloomsbury Publishing, says “Publishers are always looking for ways to connect authors and readers, and first editions clubs are a dynamic way to do so. It’s like a literary prize, or a ‘book-of-the-month’ award, chosen by booksellers with great taste and awareness of all the books being published at the time.”

Former Quail Ridge Books Owner Nancy Olson said of our first adult selection, “I love it, love it, love it.”

Quail Ridge Books has a national reputation for turning hard covers such as Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain into bestsellers. The store sold 6,000 copies of his first novel, 1,200 of them at his first reading.

Since its founding in 1984, the bookstore has attracted local and national authors, including Michael Chabon, Amy Tan, and Walter Mosley, and celebrities including President Jimmy Carter, humorist David Sedaris; and radio host Garrison Keillor. The store also sponsors hundreds of events each year, including community discussion groups and town hall meetings.

Quail Ridge Books has received numerous awards. In 2001, the store was named Publishers Weekly Bookseller of the Year. That same year, the store also received the Pannell Award for Excellence in Children’s Bookselling and the Haslam Award for Excellence in Bookselling.

The Signed First Editions Club is just another service offered to the beloved patrons of Quail Ridge Books, which has a national reputation for their customer service and excellence in bookselling. Quail Ridge Books is the only bookstore to provide this coveted subscription membership in the state.

For more information, contact Mamie Potter at 919-828-1588 or by e-mail at