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Quick Updates

The Network offices will be closed tomorrow, April 10.  We’ll be open again on Monday, April 13.

Of course, even though the office is closed, you can still register online for the 2009 Spring Conference – and I suggest you do so soon, since several of the workshops are close to capacity.

The latest post for Writing the New South is up now.  Writing the New South is an ongoing project – we’re going to keep posting new stories, poems, narratives, and plays as long as we keep getting good ones to post.

If you’ve submitted an entry to WNS but it hasn’t yet been posted on the website, don’t despair.  We don’t really reject submissions to Writing the New South, in that an entry would have to be either spectacularly bad or gratuitously offensive for us to say it will never be posted.

Remember, though, that the purpose of Writing the New South is to find work that deals with the challenges and opportunities faced by contemporary North Carolinians.  You may have written a masterful poem about, say, daffodils, or a brilliant short story set in the War of 1812, but that’s not exactly Writing the New South.

So y’all keep writing, and we’ll keep posting.