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Raleigh Arts Plan

Pullen and Sertoma Arts Centers
Pullen and Sertoma Arts Centers

Launched over the summer, the Raleigh Arts Plan hopes to define Raleigh, NC, as the “Southern Capital of Arts and Culture.”

From the press release:

The Raleigh Arts Plan is the development of a ten-year master plan to strengthen arts and culture for all the city’s communities and people. This plan comes from the community and will reflect a shared vision for the cultural future of the city’s people. The planning process is led by the City of Raleigh but will also include partners, organizations and citizens who want to be involved in fulfilling the community’s vision. The results of the plan will include initiatives to grow arts and cultural opportunities across the city that reflect the needs of the community.

At, citizens can get involved by answering questions about what they’d like to see, culture-wise, in their city; customize a personal profile; and interact with other artists and cultural curators through “Mindmixer,” an online engagement tool that will “connect organizations with community members who might not otherwise get involved.”

The creation of the Raleigh Arts Plan was developed by The Cultural Planning Group, a San Diego-based firm. The $150,000 initiative will focus on engaging the community in arts and culture as well as developing the future of arts and culture in the city.