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Remember to Update Zoom

By now, Zoom has become ubiquitous. We use it for work; we use it for our community involvement; we use it to catch up with family.

The North Carolina Writers’ Network also uses Zoom for our online classes and conferences.

(The next online class, by the way, happens Tuesday, June 16, at 7:00 pm, “From Monologues to Stump Speeches—The Importance of the Inciting Incident,” with playwright Raegan Payne. Registration is open.)

Zoom has updated to version 5.0. This version becomes mandatory on May 30; anyone logging onto Zoom after May 30 will be forced to automatically update to the newest version. It doesn’t take long, but it might be annoying if you’re joining a meeting a bit late and have to wait while the software updates.

We recommend taking a moment betweeen now and May 30 to update your Zoom software manually.

You can download the newest version here.

Or, open Zoom on your computer or mobile device, click on your profile icon, and select “Check for Updates.”

For more information about Zoom, click here.

Be sure to update before our next online event! See you then.