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RIP Writer’s Classifieds

In the past, one of the perks of being a member of the North Carolina Writers’ Network was having access to the “Writer’s Classifieds” section of our website. Here, editors, designers, writing retreats, and more offered their goods and services; writing groups sought new members; and sometimes an entrepreneur or two would market a specific product.

When we first went virtual, back in 2008, a Writer’s Classified section made sense. There were few good options then, online, for places writers could connect to peddle their wares.

Eight years later, though, an online classified section has started to feel a bit outdated. There are better ways for writers to connect with one another, whether through the Network’s Facebook page, our Twitter feed, or our LinkedIn group. So while the Writer’s Classified section is now defunct, we’ll hope you’ll continue to use one or more of the Network’s online outlets to, well, ‘ya know, network.

And lest you think we’d take away a member benefit without replacing it with something more fabulous…

…we’re thrilled to announce a new Members Only section, what we’re now calling “Audio/Visual.” For now, this means members have easy access to archived videos of readings by faculty at past Network events. In the future, we hope this means our members will have access to video tutorials; video and audio recordings of workshops and panels; and who knows what else.

Thanks for staying with us as we continue to move the North Carolina literary world forward, one step at a time, with the support of members like you.