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New Documentary Includes Greensboro’s Scuppernong Books

Miriam Herin reads at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro

Our reasons for encouraging members to shop at independent bookstores are well-documented: there’s a reason we link to a book’s purchase page on, whenever possible. Now, a new documentary features one man’s journey from Amazon shopper to indie boosktore patron—and includes a twelve-minute interview with Greensboro’s Scuppernong Books!

With his new documentary, “The Bookstour,” filmmaker Mason Engel, an author himself, set out to answer one question: Why should people shop at an independent bookstore?

As the number of independent bookstores continues to increase across the country, Engel seems to have discovered the reason behind the demand. For, while you can get something you want online quickly and cheaply, sometimes it’s the story—of how you found your favorite stories—that lasts.

The documentary is available for purchase through July 7. All the money raised during that time will benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, or Binc, which helps bookstore owners and booksellers with unforeseen emergency financial needs.

Scuppernong Books opened on December 21, 2013 and has been an essential part of the rebirth of downtown Greensboro. They are a general interest/literary bookstore featuring fiction and poetry along with a remarkable children’s section and a broad range of general interest titles. There’s also a coffee bar that serves snacks, beer, wine, and caffeinated products.

Scuppernong Books current hours are Monday-Thursday, 10-5; Friday and Saturday 10-9; Sunday 12-6. You can always order online or by phone. They offer shipping and curbside pickup. Their cafe is open for to-go beverages only. There is no indoor seating at this time. All events take place online.

For more information on Scuppernong, visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.