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“Commercially Questionable”: Scuppernong Editions

Since 2013, Scuppernong Books has been serving the literati of Greensboro and the surrounding areas with a well-curated bookstore that hosts tons of events each week for readers, writers, and the greater citizenry.

Scuppernong Books was also the driving force behind this year’s inaugural Greensboro Bound Literary Festival that welcomed big-time names like Nikki Giovanni, Carmen Maria Machado, and Lee Smith.

It also serves as an excellent local watering hole.

Next on tap? Scuppernong Editions, launched this month, the “publishing shed” (nay, “red-headed stepchild”) of Scuppernong Books, “dedicated to commercially questionable writing in all genres.”

Their first title is No, It’s Just You by Andrew Saulters, a collection of 58 one-act plays and one montage.

“If a word is repeated at a regular interval, the eventual result is simple music. In these one-act plays and montage transcribed from public conversations, Andrew Saulters fumbles in pursuit of such music. Will he find it? Could he?”

The launch party happens Tuesday, September 4, at 7:00 pm at Scuppernong Books in downtown Greensboro.

Described as “lightly mundane” by Ben Grohl, all the the blurbs for this title are, in fact, hilarious, and definitely worth checking out here.

Scuppernong Editions is not accepting submissions at this time. But it’s a fair bet that if you hang out at the launch party, you might learn a lot more about what else is in the works!

See you there.