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See Us at Bookmarks Tomorrow!

The North Carolina Writers’ Network will have an exhibitor’s booth at tomorrow’s Bookmarks Festival of Books & Authors in downtown Winston-Salem. Come out and say hello!

The Bookmarks Festival of Books & Authors features more than forty authors in a full weekend of readings, panels, booksignings, tons of exhibitors, and a kid-friendly area for families. The festival happens in and around the Milton Rhodes Center for the Creative Arts at 209 Spruce St. North, in Winston-Salem. For full details, click here.

Plenty of Network members are on the slate, including Danny Bernstein, Bonnie J. Doerr, Gary Heidt, Bridgette Lacy, Debbie Moose, Betsy Thorpe, and Ross White.

The Network will sponsor two Slush Pile Live! events at the festival: one at 10:15 am and one at 3:45 pm, both on the City Stage on Spruce Street. Panelists include Gary Heidt, Cheryl Klein, and Betsy Thorpe. The event will be moderated by NCWN executive director Ed Southern.

This is an interactive event for aspiring writers to get immediate feedback on their work from editors and agents. Here’s how it works: a panel of editors and agents will listen to submissions being read out loud and raise their hand when they hear something that would make them stop reading had the sample been submitted to their company. The panel will discuss the sample, offering constructive feedback. All anonymous—all live!

Those interested in having their anonymous work read should bring a hard copy of up to 300 words of prose from a single work. Submissions should be double-spaced. No names should appear on the submission. Please bring your submission to the Information Booth between 9:30 and 10 am for the 10:15 am program or between 3 and 3:30 pm for the 3:45 pm program. Submissions will be chosen at random. Not all submissions are guaranteed to be read due to time limits.

For the full festival schedule, click here.