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“Creative Curiosity” (All Genres)

Multimedia Artist Gregory DeCandia will guide a 90-minute class that curiously questions the crossroads of creativity through mindfulness, movement, and reflection. Writers will be immersed in multiple artistic mediums to […]

“An Insider’s Guide to University Press Publishing”

In this 90-minute, open-format event, Dennis Lloyd will talk about university press publishing for writers of fiction, poetry, memoir, or regional-interest nonfiction. Following his short talk, Dennis will paricipate in a moderated […]

“Write to Fight” (Creative Nonfiction)

In light of current events and ongoing injustices, how can writers use their craft to engage in civic participation? “Write to Fight” will discuss the art of persuasion, how writers […]

“Finding Your Voice” (Fiction)

D.H. Lawrence once wrote, “Tragedy is like strong acid—it dissolves away all but the very gold of truth.” Having traveled through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all had the kind […]

“Persuasive Writing”

In this class, we’ll talk about capturing and keeping your reader’s engagement from start to finish; making your point without turning off the reader; and incorporating stories and examples into […]