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SIBA Launches “Parapalooza”

From our friends at the Southern Independent Booksellers Association:

SIBA has created “Parapalooza!”—a YouTube channel devoted to people reading favorite selections from favorite books—as a way to foster avid readers’ enthusiasm for great writing. People are invited to submit their own short videos to the channel by sending them to

With the advent of easy distribution via social media sites like Vine and YouTube, and the fact that anyone with a smart phone can record a video and share it with the touch of a button, sharing brief moments of readerly enthusiasm seems like a natural way to bring readers together around their favorite books.

Already, videos include Lady Banks reading from Kathryn Stripling Byer’s Descent (winner of the 2013 SIBA Book Award for Poetry); Toi Thomas reading Robert Frost; and Kaye Barley reading from Pat Conroy’s Beach Music.

For more information, and to start watching videos, visit