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SLI Enterprises Gives Voice to Vision

At the North Carolina Writers’ Network 2017 Spring Conference, Nikki Brate and Russ Hatler led the class “Social Media for Self-Published Authors.” This offering helped authors navigate the many promotional opportunities available online, and used real-life examples to wade through the “technological mire” that is the World Wide Web.

Now, Nikki and Russ have released a brand-new website devoted to helping authors give voice to their vision.

SLI Enterprises hopes to “provide a friendly place for self-published and small imprint authors and poets to showcase their work.” By bringing together authors and readers, the site will allow users to rate books, set reading preferences, add their own books to available genre categories, and take advantages of resources such as:

  • Manuscript Editing
  • Create a YouTube Video
  • Book Cover Design
  • Build an Author Website
  • Set up an Author Blog
  • Create an Author Facebook Page

Users are encouraged to register, where they’ll gain access to preference profiles, book reviews, selected candidate lists of elements, video posts, book cover designs, websites, and blogs. Guests who do not choose to register will be able to browse through the libraries, view videos, read book synopses, buy an author’s books, and search by author name for all an author’s works.

The site does so much, it’s probably best to check it out yourself and poke around:

Nikki Brate is president of Nikki Brate Graphic Design. She has worked with Russ Hatler on a number of projects, including YouTube video productions that are currently being used to promote The Sisterhood Diaries. She is currently involved in the design and implementation of a website for SLI Enterprises.

Russell Hatler spent forty-five delightful years playing the role of computer whisperer, subduing those unwieldy iron monsters with craftily-coded programs. Now semi-retired, he has redirected his creative efforts toward appeasing the high-maintenance muse of his college major, English. He has toiled diligently at the art of creating literary mystery. Most recently his efforts have been focused on writing novels for adults. He has discovered that researching an adult novel is infinitely more interesting than writing computer programs.

For more information, and to join the SLI Enterprises community, click here.