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Spring Conference Faculty Spotlight: Lisa Williams Kline 

We’re excited to have Lisa Williams Kline, who has received more R&Rs than she cares to admit, lead the class The Coveted Yet Dreaded ‘R&R’ and host a Lunch with an Author session at this year’s NCWN Spring Conference on April 20 in Greensboro.

Kline is the author of Ladies’ Day (CamCat Books), Between the Sky and the Sea (Dragonblade), The Ruby Mirror (The Bridge), and ten novels and a novella for young readers. Her work has appeared in Literary Mama, Skirt, Sasee, Carolina Woman, moonShine review, The Press 53 Awards Anthology, Sand Hills Literary Magazine, and Idol Talk, among others. She attended Duke University, and received her MFA from Queens.

We recently asked Kline about what she’s reading, how she spends her free time, and what registrants can expect from her class at the Spring Conference.

NCWN: What are you currently reading?

LWK: As a matter of fact, I just finished Old Crimes by Jill McCorkle! I loved and admired it; it’s such a masterful story collection that, like all of her work, is both hilarious and heart-breaking. 

NCWN: What is one book by a North Carolina author you love?

LWK: This past year I loved Indigo Field by Marjorie Hudson. So beautifully researched and written, with unforgettable characters and so much of the history and culture and nature of North Carolina woven in. 

NCWN: Beyond writing and reading, how do you spend your free time? 

LWK: I recently took up watercolor painting and really enjoy the way painting helps me live in the moment and appreciate the beauty of the world. I also enjoy long walks. And I’m a fair-weather golfer; I like to play when it’s not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, not too crowded, but just right.

NCWN: What can participants expect from your class at the NCWN Spring Conference?

LWK: I hope they are inspired by some of the publishing stories that I’m planning to share, from fellow authors, editors, and agents. And I want them to feel comfortable enough to share some stories of their own. 

NCWN: What’s one thing you hope attendees will take away from your class at the NCWN Spring Conference? 

LWK: I hope attendees learn a few things to carry forward with submitting their next manuscript, and that they go away inspired to keep trying to get their work out there. 

There is still time to sign up for “The Coveted Yet Dreaded ‘R&R’” and Lunch with Lisa Williams Kline at the 2024 Spring Conference. Register today to join us!

The Coveted Yet Dreaded ‘R&R’ with Lisa Williams Kline

An R&R (a “Revise & Resubmit” request from an agent or editor) is coveted because it means your manuscript is receiving attention and you’re closer to finding it a home. But it’s also dreaded because it may mean months of work with no guarantee of publication. Are you inspired by what you’re being asked to do, or does it compromise your vision of your story? You could end up in writers’ limbo, with a manuscript that hasn’t been rejected but hasn’t been accepted, either. Lisa Williams Kline will discuss common reasons for R&Rs, ways she’s tried to decode the language of agents and editors, and her responses to R&Rs with varying levels of success. She’s also canvassed colleagues, agents, and editors who offer anecdotal accounts and advice (sometimes with names changed to protect the innocent).