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Staff, Not Network, Says Goodbye to Katherine O’Hara

Today is Katherine O’Hara’s last day as Communications Director for the Network, but not her last day with the Network.

As Katherine leaves to pursue an opportunity in publishing, Celeste, Jim, and I will miss working with her every day, but we look forward to seeing her ongoing work as a writer and literary citizen.

To Katherine we say thank you for all that you’ve done for the Network in a little more than a year: stepping in to oversee the final phases of the ReCovering, including the launch of our redesigned website; stepping up to take over the 2022 Squire Workshops when a COVID-19 exposure forced me to leave early; giving our biannual newsletter a fresh new look, and then helping to give it a new name and focus; expanding and reinvigorating our social media presence; being a stalwart supporter of the Network’s efforts at anti-racism, equity, and inclusivity.

To our members we say—please be patient as the remaining staff pitches in to cover Katherine’s duties while we search for a new Communications Director.

Very patient, please: Katherine’s taking all the visual flair with her.

We look forward to finding the right person to join our team, and to introducing you to them. In the meantime we’ll continue to offer the same essentials—Excellence, Opportunity, and Community—and pursue the same mission to connect, promote, and serve writers.

It just won’t look quite as good.