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By Ed Southern

2014 Squire Summer Writing Residency
2014 Squire Summer Writing Residency

The North Carolina Writers’ Network is open to all writers, at all levels of skill and experience, working in all genres, with all manner of goals and aspirations.

We say it, and we mean it.

Because we mean what we say, we want to explain why we ask registrants for certain programs to submit manuscript samples with their registrations, and why we say those programs—namely, the Squire Summer Writing Residency, and the Master Classes at the Spring and Fall Conferences—are open only to “qualified registrants.”

When we ask for manuscript samples, we don’t care how good or bad the writing is. That’s not for us to judge.

We don’t care how long or short your list of publications is. We’re not looking for—we’re not here for—only writers with an arbitrary amount of experience.

We’re looking for evidence of dedication—dedication to the craft, to improving your craft, to approaching the craft of writing in a serious way.

We want to get the feeling that you’re ready to handle the intensive instruction you’ll receive at the Residency or in one of our Master Classes, whether you’re a beginner or a published author.

So if you’re wondering about applying to this year’s Residency at East Carolina University, don’t worry that you might not be “good enough.”

However good you are, or are not, the Residency will help you get better—but only if you’re ready and willing to dedicate yourself.

Registration for the North Carolina Writers’ Network 2015 Squire Summer Writing Residency is now open. Space is limited to only forty-eight attendees, so register now!