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Tea: a Literary Appreciation

I sort of appreciate it when authors take a moment to describe food and beverages. Being a fan of refreshments myself, I find it comforting when the characters I’m reading about also need to accomplish basic human tasks such as eating, drinking, sleeping, going to work, etc.

Good Life Tea recently wrote a blog post “Five of the Loveliest Things Said about Tea by Literary Figures.”

Check it out here.

Tea has been mentioned and applauded by writers from Neil Gaimin to Oscar Wilde. And I’m totally with Arthur from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams: if I ever find myself in space, there’d better be tea. What’s civilization without it?

Speaking of tea, one of our 2018 Fall Conference instructors, Jodi Helmer, just published her new book, Growing Your Own Tea Garden: The Guide to Growing and Harvesting Flavorful Teas in Your Backyard (Companionhouse Boooks). Lavishly illustrated, this book walks readers through a brief history of tea and then recommends all kinds of flowers, herbs, shrubs, and roots that readers can grow themselves to create delicious homegrown brews. A section in the back even suggests potential garden designs—very helpful for the newbie gardner / tea grower.

Good Life Tea is located in downtown Canandaigua, in western NY, the gateway to the beautiful Finger Lakes. They opened their doors in October of 2013, and since then they have enjoyed educating their customers about all things tea and reminding them to take a quiet moment to relax. Their website has all the loose leaf tea selections from their store and all of their most popular teaware.

Speaking from experience, ahem, their tea is delicious, the orders usually ship same-day, and the prices are reasonable. Plus, their customer service is great!

Check out their website at

Some NCWN members have contributed to the blog on Good Life Tea as well, including “Experiences with Irish Tea” by Brenda Kay Ledford.