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The Artistic Expression of Science

eno magazine is printed on recycled paper with soy ink. What else did you expect from a journal that seeks to encourage, promote, and publish “artistic forms of expression that inspire a deeper understanding of and creative engagement with the environment”?

Founded by a Nicholas School graduate and run by students in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, in Durham, eno aspires to be the nation’s “premier magazine on art and the environment.” They’ve just released issue five, and it’s gorgeous: full-page color photos enhance poetry and essays, all with the aim of supporting and cultivating artistic expression within the Nicholas School, at Duke University, in Durham, and beyond.

They accept unsolicited submissions of any length: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, photography, and other artistic mediums. Submissions from outside Duke University are welcome and may be included in a special section of the magazine. Fair warning: the magazine publishes only a few pieces of prose in each issue, so it looks like—especially for fiction writers—that this might be a tough market to crack. All submissions should “engage with environmental topics,” even if only subtly.

Submit here.

The magazine is free and all of its archives may be viewed online.

Duke’s Nicholas School strives for:

a new paradigm, one that views and attempts to understand the earth and the environment including humans as an integrated whole. And one that advances a more sustainable future by strategically focusing its resources on addressing the major environmental issues of our times and by training a new and environmentally-informed generation of global leaders.

This is the mantle that eno has taken up, offering itself as an outlet for the artistic expression of science.

Learn more on the web at or on Facebook or Twitter.