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The One Call You Need to Make

NC Center for Non-ProfitsFrom the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits:

Last week, state Senate leaders said their tax reform plan would eliminate your non-profit’s sales tax refunds. Your non-profit also would have to pay sales tax on all services you buy, such as accounting services, legal counsel, and many other non-personnel expenses. This adds up to nearly $1 billion in new taxes on non-profits every year. Various tax reform proposals could also:

  • Eliminate tax incentives for individuals and businesses to give to non-profits; and
  • Force your non-profit to charge sales tax on the services you offer.

Please call your state Senator by this Thursday afternoon. Click for their contact information. If you can also call your state Representative, that would be great too.

Suggested messages:

I live in your district, and I’m calling with a very simple message: It is critically important that tax reform not harm non-profits. I’m particularly concerned about proposals that would:

  1. Eliminate non-profit sales tax refunds;
  2. Eliminate tax incentives for individuals and businesses to contribute to non-profits; and
  3. Extend the sales tax to services offered by non-profits like child care, health care, admission to arts, and youth camps. (Feel free to use other examples of services your non-profit offers.)
  •  My organization is proud to be part of our state’s non-profit sector. Without non-profits, the quality of life here would not be good enough to attract business and keep jobs here.
  • Tax reform that harms non-profits would force us to reduce services, serve fewer people in the district, and eliminate jobs. This would hurt our economy and make it harder to recruit new jobs.
  • I understand it’s important to update our tax code – but please do not do this on the backs of non-profits and all the citizens we serve.

Then, please let us know who you contacted and how they responded. You are helping your non-profit and the whole non-profit sector.

Thank you for the important work you do every day.

David Heinen
Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
N.C. Center for Nonprofits 919-790-1555, ext. 111