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The Ongoing Evolution of Uptown Charlotte

I lived in Charlotte, on and off, for about 10 years.  Most of my family lives in the Charlotte area, so I visit quite a bit.

And still, I’m a little surprised, every time I go back, at just how big Charlotte is.

When I was a kid, Charlotte was already “the big city,” its population much larger than that of any other city in the Carolinas.

Now, Charlotte has become a completely different kind of urban entity than Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Columbia, or Charleston.  It’s no longer about the size of its population or its skyscrapers.  Charlotte just seems more fully a city.

The latest step in the ongoing evolution of Charlotte’s center city is the completion of what they’re calling a new “arts district.” This stretch of South Tryon Street is, incidentally, an easy walk from the Omni Charlotte, site of the 2010 NCWN Fall Conference.

If you’ve never seen Uptown Charlotte, or you haven’t seen it for a while, come to the Fall Conference . . . but be sure to do some neck stretches first.