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The Writingest State, indeed

Let’s put it this way: in 1922, no one had heard of Thomas Wolfe, William Faulkner, or the Fugitive poets.

Yet down in little ol’ Charlotte (a city that was, in fact, little in 1922), a group of writers came together to form the Charlotte Writers’ Club, which will celebrate its 90th Anniversary this year.

The celebration begins with a Selected Members Reading next Tuesday (January 17), 7 p.m., at their new meeting space in the Queens University Conference Center on Tyvola Road.

As best as we can figure, the Charlotte Writers’ Club is the oldest continuing local writers’ group in the state (if anyone knows of one that’s older, let me know).  Whether or not they hold that unique distinction, 90 years is a remarkable achievement, and the Network congratulates them for bringing writers together for nearly a century.  Personally, I find the thought exhausting.