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Think You Can’t Possibly Read Another Student Essay?

A pen is merely a tool to be used for good…or evil.

Even for English teachers who love their jobs, sometimes it all gets to be too much. The bad grammar. The incoherent comparisons. The written diarrhea from students struggling, gamely, to reach the assignment’s word-limit.

Sometimes, teachers need a release.

Which is why Andrew Kocherga founded, a website showcasing essays, term papers, theses, and reviews corrected “without any courtesy” in an effort to teach students to “not to write with a carefree attitude.”

There are Admission Essay samples, Capstone project samples, as well as examples of descriptive, narrative, and thematic essays. Technical reports? Check. Book and movie reviews? You bet.

One of our favorites is an informal essay on U.S. History graded, by the site, as an “Epic Fail.” A piece of writing so bad that the grader suspects the writer was “probably drunk.”

Read ’em and weep—or at least commiserate: