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Two Weeks

As in, registration for the 2009 Squire Summer Writing Residency will close in two weeks.  We still have some spaces available in all three workshops – Poetry with Cathy Smith Bowers, Fiction with Tommy Hays, and Creative Nonfiction with Catherine Reid – so visit to sign up now.

If you’re not sure whether or not you want to come, Virginia has supplied you with her Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for the Squire Summer Writing Residency:

1. The landscape that inspired Thomas Wolfe can inspire you.
(Ed’s Note: It would help if you’re an awkward, sensitive, 6’6″ man-child with a ragingly dysfunctional family.)

2. Breathtaking scenery and cool, fresh mountain air.

3. If you are from other parts of the U.S., rest assured that the Residency will not be a three-day snake-handling tent revival.
(Ed’s Note: Apparently someone actually asked Virginia about this.  She thinks they were joking.  I kind of wished she had told them that yes, we will be handling snakes.)

4. NC native (and star of the new movie The Hangover) Zach Galifianakis has said his ultimate dream is to start a writing residency in the mountains.
(Ed’s Note: You can beat the Hollywood crowd and call yourself a trendsetter.)

5. Uninterrupted writing time.
(Ed’s Note: Well, it’ll be uninterrupted up until it’s interrupted for breakfast, lunch, dinner, workshops, readings, the panel discussion, the picnic, social time with fellow writers . . . )