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Gather Under One Roof to Support NC Artists

From our friends at Markay Media and The NC Arts Council:

Markay Media and the NC Arts Council have partnered to chronicle the practice of North Carolina artists during this unprecedented time.

Send us your videos (1 min or shorter) that exemplify your art practice in the time of Covid. If you’ve been inspired amidst these trying times, we want to know your stories. Create a video using whatever tools you have (zoom, phone, tik tok–it doesn’t have to be anything fancy) and share it with us! We will use your videos to create a compilation of stories that will live on various platforms and tell stories of our NC artist community in the time of this pandemic. This compilation will premiere during, Under One Roof, a newly announced livestream benefit concert for North Carolina artists slated for April 24-26.

Our primary goal is to simply check in! A thought, a simple video statement, is plenty. We just want to see how you and your art practice are doing! You could share a snippet of your world–what’s the same, what’s altered, are you trying new mediums? What does a day-in-your-creative-life look like right now?You can demonstrate your practice, interpret it in a serious or playful way–whatever you choose. If you want to get creative, we’d love that too!

Things to consider:

  • Has your practice changed at all?
  • Have you explored new arts practices?
  • Have you found new ways to collaborate as a result of social distance?
  • Have you discovered new ways to create work in solitude?

Please answer the following questions somewhere in your video:

  • What is your name?
  • Where are you located?
  • What is your artistic medium or outlet?
  • How do you define “artist?”
  • How has Covid-19 influenced your definition of artist or your artistic practice (if at all)?
  • Any words of encouragement to share with fellow artists?

If you plan to upload a video, email shirlette at for instructions. Questions about the Under One Roof concert should be directed to Sandra Davidson at

Thanks so much for your participation and for representing NC artists! We look forward to creating something fun and engaging with you!