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Valerie Macon Resigns as Poet Laureate

Valerie Macon has resigned her appointment as North Carolina’s Poet Laureate, effective immediately.

Governor Pat McCrory appointed Ms. Macon less than one week ago. In her resignation letter, Ms. Macon said she felt the negative attention was distracting from the “Office of Poet Laureate.” She also said:

I would like to encourage everyone to read and write poetry. They do not need a list of prestigious publishing credits or a collection of accolades from impressive organizations—just the joy of words and appreciate of self-expression.

We couldn’t agree more, and wish Ms. Macon the best in all her writing endeavors and in her admirable community service.

No word yet on when a new Poet Laureate will be appointed, or whether the governor’s office will seek input from the North Carolina Arts Council, as it has in the past.