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Win Free Books for the Rest of Your Life. Seriously.

“Library Building” is just another Heywood Hill service….

Poet Terry Kennedy passed this story along through Twitter earlier this week and we just had to share. Because the prize for this competition—one free book a month for the rest of our lives—is basically among our top three fantasies, along with world peace and having membership numbers in the tens of thousands.

London’s Heywood Hill bookshop is taking nominations from readers for the “book that has meant the most to them.” One nomination will be drawn at random, and the winner will receive “one newly published and hand-picked hardback book per month, for life, delivered anywhere in the world.”

For the full story in The Guardian, click here.

Nominees must put forward titles “published in English, or translated into English, after 1936, the year Heywood Hill was founded.”

Situated in the heart of Mayfair, Heywood Hill is one of the leading bookshops of London, trusted by readers and collectors throughout the English-speaking world. Their staff are dedicated bibliophiles who understand the importance of matching the right book with the right person.

The idea for the contest came about from the “A Year in Books” subscription service already offered by the bookstore, where they sit down with a customer to figure out his or her likes and dislikes, then send them one book a month.

The deadline for nominations is October 31. To enter the contest, click here.