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WSOC Registrants Can Win “Treasure Chest” in NCWN Drawings

By Ed Southern, Executive Director, NCWN

Here be buried treasure!

We here at the North Carolina Writers’ Network want you to register for our Writingest State Online Conference. We want to share literary excellence and professional know-how with you. We want to clear out the clutter built up in our home offices.

Starting October 1, we’re going to do all three at the same time.

Since its founding, the Network has subscribed to a wide array of literary magazines and journals. We continue to do so today, mostly—thanks to NCWN trustee Paul Jones’ invention of the internet—to support our fellow members of our literary community.

Back in the Before Times, we’d let our conferencegoers help themselves to the back issues of these magazines. This year, though, our back issues are backing up. I have a Leaning Tower of Lit Mags in one corner of my office.

So we’re going to give them away, a few at a time. Everyone registered for the Writingest State Online Conference by October 1 will be entered into a drawing to win a “Treasure Chest” of literary journals, a mystery box of mixed magazines.

More drawings will be held in the following weeks, culminating in a final drawing during WSOC’s Online Happy Hour on Tuesday, November 10.

The earlier you register for the WSOC, the more chances you have to win copies of Poets & Writers, Writers Digest, the North Carolina Literary Review, Southern Cultures, and many more.

The Network’s Writingest State Online Conference will be a five-day festival for writers, November 10-14 at an internet connection near you. The WSOC will feature classes and conversations on the craft and business of writing, as well as a keynote address by North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green, a Pre-Conference Tailgate and a Prompt Party to get creative juices flowing, online Open Mic readings and Happy Hour virtual gatherings, and an Agents & Editors panel discussion.

Register for the WSOC today, and see if one of our treasure chests shows up at your door.