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ZenGarden.Club Seeks Writing Contest Judges offers photography, haiku, fiction, and much more about gardens and gardeners, online, with some content free to subscribers and bonus content available to members.

They also host seasonal contests where writers are asked to respond to a photograph and a haiku prompt. For example, their current contest, open for submissions through January 22, offers a photograph of a crocus and a haiku written by one of the Club’s talented members. Writers may submit pieces of flash fiction, and the Grand Prize Winner, as well as the public’s three favorite pieces, will be published.

Now that contests are occurring more frequently and receiving more entries, they’re looking for additional judges.


  • Read approximately 40 stories that have been shortlisted by staff. Each story is 350 words or less.
  • Select a “short-short list” of eight or so of their favorites from the forrty.
  • Select one Grand Winner and write a short paragraph about why that story stood out from the rest currently gets over 10,000 visits per month, writers and avid readers. They create a special page for each of their judges, or link to their own website, to introduce them to the writers. Each judge becomes very well-known on the site, and each is invited to publish in the upcoming Kindle e-books.

Judges also receive Amazon gift cards as gifts.

Interested? Fill out the form found here.

For more information, visit: