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Maggie Zwilling Retires from CCCC after Nearly Fifteen Years

By Steve Underwood

Maggie Zwilling

The Central Carolina Community College Continuing Education Creative Writing Program Advisory Committee and the Chatham-Lee Counties region of the North Carolina Writers’ Network would like to recognize, and celebrate, the contributions of Ms. Maggie Zwilling for her work in developing and expanding creative writing opportunities for hundreds of students.

Maggie has been a member of the CCCC staff for many years. She was instrumental in creating North Carolina’s first (and only) Community College Creative Writing Certificate. Through her work, students have benefited from the instruction of talented writers including Ruth Moose, Ralph Earle, and Michele T. Berger.

Maggie’s work at the Pittsboro and Siler City campuses of CCCC also included helping develop programs in pottery, woodwork, and even Tai Chi. In addition, Maggie was an essential member of the Chatham Arts Council. She facilitated artists and craft workers, often helping to sponsor events that celebrated their accomplishments. Students admired her ability to match the right courses for them. Faculty appreciated her ability to prepare and promote their classes. Many noted that Maggie would often sit in on the first night of classes. She was determined to assist the orientation of both students and teachers, and they were all grateful for her talents.

Perhaps Maggie expressed her motivation best when she wrote to the Associate Dean of Continuing Education, “I have tried never to discourage those in our community who wanted to develop classes like Creative Writing. I have helped them develop a course outline, and worked to facilitate their class syllabus and academic assignments.”

Mary Barnard of CCCC’s Creative Writing Board summed up Maggie’s outstanding career by noting:

“Maggie’s contributions to the CCCC were manifold. She made things possible. Her perseverance not only led to the Certificate in the Creative Writing program, but also the creation of a tuition scholarship to help Creative Writing students. She created diversity within our programs by seeking writers to teach classes like ‘Dream Poems’, ‘Unlock your Imagination,’ and ‘Bob Dylan As Poet.’ She encouraged instructors to help students delve into their creative processes with courses such as ‘Passionate Grammar,’ ‘Energy and Message,’ and ‘Adjective and Adverb.’ I remember being surprised to find that she worked part-time, because her devotion to the cause of writing was definitely full time.”

Maggie has truly been a remarkable coordinator, advisor and friend.