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Hone Your Craft: Critique Service Evolution

The Network’s Critique Service is evolving to reflect the changing needs of our members. 

The former Critiquing and Editing Service will continue to empower writers to improve their craft with a renewed focus on manuscript critique. By providing a general assessment of a manuscript, a critique offers feedback on formal and substantive elements of prose, poetry, plays, and screenplays.  

The service will continue offer members access to our roster of professional critiquers at below market rates.

Who can benefit from the Critique Service? Members with full or partial manuscripts in need of a professional-quality craft-related critique. The critique is meant to guide the writer to revise and hone their manuscript, in line with contemporary publishing-industry standards.

A manuscript critique provides a bird’s eye view on the core elements of your writing, with actionable advice on how to strengthen the overall work. 

Most writers will tell you that revision is where the magic happens. A general assessment by an experienced editor gives craft guidance and encouragement to make those revisions. Knowing what you do well and what needs attention is an investment in your current and future writing projects.  

Some members asked for more interaction with editors for ongoing projects, or for editing services beyond the scope of what the Network offers. Network staff can recommend qualified freelance editors and book designers to any members who are ready for those steps.

The Network’s mission upholds “…education in the craft and business of writing, opportunities for recognition and critique of literary work, resources for writers at all stages of development, support for and advocacy of the literary heritage of North Carolina, and a community for those who write.” 

We hope to honor that sentiment in this evolution of our Critique Service.