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NCWN Online Spring Conference Registration Closes April 19!

Ross White
WINSTON-SALEM—Registration for the North Carolina Writers’ Network Online Spring Conference 2021 closes Monday, April 19, at 9:00 am EST. Because this is an online conference, there will be no day-of registration, so Monday is your last chance to register.

Registration is open here.

Spring Conference happens Saturday, April 24, entirely online. Open classes include:

  • “Authors and Entrepreneurs” with Terry L. Kennedy and Ross White
  • “Form and Freedom” (Poetry) with Ashley Lumpkin
  • “How to Read Your Work to Others” (Poetry) with Joseph Mills

The day also includes faculty readings, open mics, and an online picnic lunch social hour. The cost of the conference is “Pay What You Can.”

“Authors and Entrepreneurs” will be offered both in the morning and in the afternoon sessions. With the business models of traditional publishing changing, authors are increasingly being asked to act entrepreneurially. But a publisher’s only concern will be selling books, and there are many other ways authors can build a sustainable living by developing creative businesses and services that serve other writers and change the world. In “Authors and Entrepreneurs,” two arts entrepreneurs will look at business model developed by writers and discuss best practices for starting businesses that benefit both the individual writer and the larger literary community.

“Form and Freedom” (Poetry) is an exploration of traditional and more recently created poetic forms. In this generative workshop, participants will explore how forms are developed and the many creative doors opened by adhering to the constraints they provide. 

Why does listening to some readers help us more fully understand their work while others make us wish we were anywhere else, even the dentist? What are the elements of a “good reading”? What should someone consider when giving a reading? In “How to Read Your Work to Others” (Poetry), we’ll talk about what it means to have an audience and what, if any, are your obligations to them. Some topics will include delivery, “poet voice,” poem selections and sequences, forums, and, yes, Zoom.

Register for the NCWN Online Spring Conference here.

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