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Videos of Past Conference Sessions Now Available to NCWN Members and General Public

Public Speaking for Writers with Cameron Kent
Over the past 18 months, the North Carolina Writers’ Network has hosted many online classes and programs. Now, for the first time ever, video recordings of past online conference sessions are available to the general public.

NCWN members and non-members may purchase past classes a la carte or purchase all the classes from a past conference at a discounted rate. NCWN members receive an additional 45 percent off.

To view all class options, and place your order, click here.

Fiction writers might enjoy “Make a Scene: Emotional Building Blocks of Fiction” with Quinn Dalton (from the 2020 Cabin Fever Conference); “Imagniation and History” with Matt Gallagher, “Wait, Wait…Do Tell Me” with Art Taylor, and “Magical Objects” with Leah Hampton from the 2020 Writingest State Online Conference; and “Dramatic Tension and the Core of Hope vs. Fear” with Zelda Lockhart from the NCWN 2021 Spring Conference. 

Poets will be enriched by Timothy O’Keefe’s “More than Meaning” from the 2020 Cabin Fever Conference; “The Bird’s Nest: Place & Environmental Ethos in Organic Form” with Allison Hedge Coke from the 2020 Writingest State Online Conference; or “Form and Freedom” with Ashley Lumpkin, which she taught at the NCWN 2021 Spring Conference.

Several classes are of interest to the creative nonfiction writer, many of which have crossover appeal: “The Art of Writing Memoir” with Randal O’Wain, “Writing Your Life: Turning Personal Stories into Universal Narratives” with Bridgette A. Lacy, and “Narrative Medicine: Stories of Illness & the Power of Reflective Writing” with Aimee Mepham (2020 Cabin Fever Conference); and “Writing Trauma” with James Tate Hill from the NCWN 2021 Spring Conference.

Other classes cover how to publish, how to tour and promote your book, how to read your work out loud to others, and much, much more.

Purchasing a video or set of videos allows access to the course on your own time, at your own pace. Stop and go back and listen again so you don’t miss anything; watch as many times as you’d like, in perpetuity. Once you place your order, you will be sent a link to the video(s) along with the password(s). The videos will be available to watch online.

Order here.

There are no plans currently to make classes that were part of the NCWN Online Series available for purchase. Those classes are recorded and made available to registrants less than 48 hours after the class ends; the recordings are made available to NCWN members one year after the class takes place.

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