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The WGA On Strike

From the Network Staff

The staff and board of the North Carolina Writers’ Network aren’t in a position to comment on contract law, labor relations, new-media revenue streams, or even the narrative possibilities of evolving technologies (other than to express our fervent wish that this season of Ted Lasso sticks the landing).

We are willing to say, though, that writers ought to be paid fairly for their work, and that when they’re not, vital stories go untold because those who would write them literally can’t afford to do so. We lose those stories and so we all end up deprived.

We aren’t in a position to tell all 1,400 or so of our members where to stand on the current strike by the Writers’ Guild of America-West, but we urge and maybe beg all 1,400 of you to learn about the strike, its causes, and its effects:

WGA In The News (updated in real time by the WGA):

To devalue writers is to devalue stories, to devalue something essential about each and all of us. The Network connects, promotes, and serves writers because we—a plural encompassing far more than this staff and board—need writers and what they create.

Pay them for it.