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Thank You to the Sponsors of The Writingest State Online Conference

Registration for The Writingest State Online Conference is now, closed, and we look forward to welcoming all the attendees starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10!

We are grateful to our sponsors, who helped make this event possible. Please take a moment to check out their websites, utilize their services, and support them as they support the literary arts. is the sponsor of the “NaNoWriMo Gathering” on Thursday, November 12. can:

  • Block websites and apps or the entire internet if you want to. With your distractions blocked, you can get into your workflow and stay on task.
  • Help break the habit of checking whatever digital source is beckoning. The more you experience Freedom time, the more you’ll find it indispensable.
  • Treat your email like a mailbox (the mail comes and goes once a day) and enjoy your social media proactively on your time (not in respond mode.)

Over 1,000,000 Freedom users have gained control over their relationship with technology and protectetd themselves from online distractions, improving their productivity. You can too!

The “Online Happy Hour” on Tuesday, November 10, and the “One More for the Road Happy Hour” on Saturday, November 10, are sponsored by Alice Osborn: Author/Book Coach/Editor. Alice serves as a critiquer for NCWN’s Critiquing and Editing Service; she’s the author of three poetry collections; and she’s also a singer-songwriter. Her new album is Searching for Paradise. Alice serves as the Secretary on the Board of Trustees for the North Carolina Writers’ Network and serves as Regional Rep for Wake County.

will sponsor the “Prompt Party” on Saturday, November 14. Outline faster, plot smarter, and turbocharge your productivity today with the #1 visual book planning software for writers! Plottr helps you:

  • Quickly outline your book with visual story cards
  • Filter your timeline by characters, places, and tags
  • Color-coordinate your storylines to keep them organized
  • Flip the timeline to view it vertically or horizontally

For a free 30-day trial, visit

The University Press of Kentucky is the publisher of Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle’s debut novel, Even as We Breathe. They will sponsor her Opening Conversation with Therese Anne Fowler on Wednesday, November 11. The University of Kentucky has sponsored scholarly publication since 1943. Currently, the press publishes 50-55 titles per year, focusing on tiles of high scholarly merit in a variety of fields and the publication of significant books about the history and culture of Kentucky, the Ohio Valley region, the Upper South, and Appalachia.

Katie Winkler is a trustee of NCWN and the editor of Teach.Write. She’ll sponsor the Open Mic sessions on Saturday, November 10. The Fall/Winter 2020 issue of Teach. Write.: A Writing Teachers’ Literary Journal is now available. Katie lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. She is a writer, teacher, wife, and mother in love with all of her jobs. She is the former NCWN Regional Rep for Henderson County and is on the English Faculty at Blue Ridge Community College. 

Overall support is provded by the generous contribution of the North Carolina Arts Council, which, over more than a half-century of leadership, has provided resources for arts programming, education, and leadership across the state.

The Writingest State Online Conference is a five-day festival for writers featuring classes and conversations on the craft and business of writing, as well as a keynote address by North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green, a NaNoWriMo Gathering and a Prompt Party to get creative juices flowing, online Open Mic readings and Happy Hour virtual gatherings, and an Agents & Editors panel discussion.