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Writing Young Adult Fiction That Shines

Teens are voracious readers, and tend to champion the books they love. From fantasy to coming-of-age, historical to romance, paranormal to thriller, the young adult fiction market is diverse and […]

Writing Romance Novels Readers Will Love

Have you always dreamed of writing a romance novel, but don’t know where to begin? Or are you partway through your manuscript, but somewhere between the witty banter and stolen […]

Renegade Women: Celebrating Writing After Sixty

Watch Video Recording. The author roundtable highlights NCWN members who are career writers, or who started writing later in life, in celebration that writing is for all ages and experiences. The authors […]

“Writing for Children”

Susie Wilde, children’s book columnist for The News & Observer in Raleigh, reads thousands of books a year. These have helped guide her teaching those who write children’s books. So what makes […]

“Screenwriting: It’s Not Like Writing a Novel”

Screenwriting is a lean craft, meaning that everything is very succinct: scenes, dialogue, action, and description. We’ll look at the Academy Award Winning screenplay Manchester by the Sea, written by […]

“Hush: Writing the Quiet Poem”

In a time of seemingly endless bustle and noise, a quiet moment can be rare or too easily overlooked. In this workshop, we’ll turn the volume down and discuss how […]